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Pioneering Wind Farm Project: Sustainable Power Generation

The wind farm project,with 100pcs 3kw Q vertical Wind Turbines is in Taiwan.In fact,the customer bought the wind turbines from other supplier before,but the effiency is poor,and expecially there are many wind turbines broken.Under this situation,the customer find our factory,and buy ours wind turbines instead.Then this whole project can be pass the inspection.


On August 21, 2021, the New Energy Overseas Sales and Marketing Department of Jiangsu Shenghuang New Energy Technology. received an inquiry call from Taiwan for the inquriy of wind turbines. During the phone conversation, it was learned that the customer wanted to order 700 middle wind turbines. On the coast of the Taiwan, it provides power sources for fishermen and lighting street lights on the seaside. After fully understanding the customer's needs, our sales engineer recommended 3000W Q vertical wind turbine. On August 26, Jiangsu Shenghuang New Energy signed a contract with the Taiwan company.


Middle-small wind turbines have always been our main core product. Compared with small-sized and large-scale wind turbines, it has the advantages of size and flexibility, convenient installation, low cost, low requirement for starting wind speed, high cost performance, and can be complementary with photovoltaic and other power generation devices.Middle-Small wind turbines have not only become the first choice for farmers and herdsmen, but also the first choice for urban construction, urban residents, and enterprises and institutions to carry out energy-saving renovations. It is widely used in household power supply and wind-solar complementary street lighting system, bringing light to the vast pastoral areas, fishermen, and areas without electricity.

Due to the large number of orders, after signing the contract, the production staff arranged to work overtime immediately to ensure that the delivery can be completed within the delivery time. This order is another leap forward and historic development and progress made by our company in the new energy overseas market.

Face new situations and new opportunities,Jiangsu Shenghuang New Energy has always adhered to the "market-oriented", actively adapting to market changes, actively grasping customer needs, continuously improving product quality and service quality, and strictly controlling every process and every link, with high-quality Products and efficient services have won a good reputation in the industry.


Post time: Mar-09-2023