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Advanced CCTV Surveillance System Enhancements

This CCTV monitoring system use 2kw QH Vertical Wind Turbine and 2000W solar panels.The electricity produced by this system can let the five cameras lasting 3 days.This kind of system can be used for family,farm,and factory,etc.
The small wind turbines used in street lamps should be both decorative and practical. When selecting the model, we must consider many factors such as the height of the light pole, the light source of the street light, and whether the local wind resource is sufficient, so that we can choose a really good and practical product.


How to choose a small wind turbine for street lights? Firstly, the power of the wind turbine is selected according to the height of the light pole and the size of the street light; secondly, the size and quantity of the blades are selected according to the local wind resource conditions, usually three blades and five blades are selected. Why do blades vary in size? What's the difference between the two? Generally, the larger the blade size, the wider the range of wind exposure, and relatively higher power generation efficiency; the smaller the blade size, the smaller the range of wind exposure, and relatively lower power generation efficiency. Below are the common following wattage and suitable light source pairings.

Many customers often ask what kind of type of small wind turbine can be installed on a light pole with a height of 3-4 meters. We suggest that the installation distance from the wind turbine to the ground should be more than 4 meters to avoid potential safety hazards.

There are many wind turbine manufacturers. When choosing a brand, you must consider many aspects such as manufacturer strength, product qualification, production capacity, and performance certificates in the past 10 years. The brand still has to choose a time-honored brand with good service, good reputation and guaranteed product quality. From the pre-sale plan, model selection, to the technical support of on-site construction,Jiangsu Shenghuang starts from the customer's point of view in every detail. If you have purchasing needs, welcome to contact with us.

Post time: Mar-09-2023