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Innovative X-Type Vertical Wind Turbine – 1kW-10kW Versatile Eco-friendly Energy Solution

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Embrace the renewable energy era with our 1kW-10kW X-Type vertical wind turbine, suitable for residential, agricultural, and commercial facilities. The X-Type wind turbine is designed using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting, stable operation and exceptional performance.

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1.Fashion Appearance, quite Operation 
2.IP54, smooth Curve Fiberglass Blades 
3.Muti Colors For Options
1.Wide Power And Voltage Range 
2.Workable To Do Hybrid With Solar Panel
1.High Efficiency On Low Wind Speed With 2.5m/s 2.Suitable For All Applications 3.Long Lifespan To 10 Years And Good Quality Ensure 
4.CE Certified With ISO 

1.Sustainable Energy Producing
2.Environmental Protecting For The Whole World
3.Coreless PMG With Low Rpm
4.Curved blades decrease wind resistance
1. Low starting wind speed, beautiful appearance and low running vibration; 2. Using humanized flange installation design, convenient installation and maintenance; 3. High quality alloy fuselage, high quality FRP blades, anti-corrosion performance, beautiful and durable, color can be made according to customer requirements; 4. The generator adopts the highest efficiency permanent magnet alternator, with excellent internal space design and special rotor design, which can effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, which is only 1 / 3 of that of the ordinary motor. At the same time, the wind wheel and the generator have better matching characteristics and the reliability of the unit operation; 5. Maximum power tracking intelligent microprocessor control is adopted to effectively regulate the current and voltage.


Efficient energy capture: X-Type design paired with a three-phase permanent magnet generator for superior energy conversion efficiency.
Excellent aerodynamic performance: Vertical axis layout minimizes wind resistance and enhances wind energy capture.
Adaptable to various wind speeds: Start-up wind speed of just 2m/s, rated wind speed of 11m/s, and a safe wind speed of up to 45m/s, catering to diverse wind environments.
Reliable and durable: Glass-made blades and stringent production processes ensure stable performance in harsh conditions.
Low-noise design: Carefully optimized structure reduces noise to below 50dBA, creating a peaceful environment.
Flexible options: Offering a power range from 1kW to 10kW to meet diverse electricity demands.
Easy installation and maintenance: Streamlined installation process and user-friendly structure save time and effort.

Intelligent monitoring: Real-time remote monitoring system keeps you informed about the turbine's working status, ensuring optimal operation.
Adaptive wind direction: Automatic yaw technology adjusts the angle according to wind direction, optimizing power generation.
Safety protection: Electromagnetic braking system and IP54 protection level ensure safe and reliable operation in adverse weather conditions.
Application scenarios:
Residential energy supply
Farms and rural areas
Commercial facilities
Small-scale factories
Islands and remote areas for power supply
Choose our 1kW-10kW X-Type vertical wind turbine and create a clean, sustainable energy future together. Contact us now for more information!
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X Vertical Wind Turbine Data Sheet

Model SH-X600 SH-X800 SH-X1000 SH-X2000 SH-X3000 SH-X5000 SH-X10K
Rated power 600w 800w 1000w 2000w 3000w 5000w 10kw
Max power 650w 850w 1100W 2200w 3200w 5500w 12kw
Rated voltage 24V/48V 24V/48V/220V 24V/48V/96V/110V/220V 48v/96v/110v/220v 48v/96v/110v/220v/380v 96v/110v/220v/380v 96V/220V/380V
Blade height 1.35m 1.65m 2.1m 2.8m 3.2m 3.6m 5m
Rotor Diameter 1m 1.2m 1.4m 1.8m 2m 2.4m 3m
Start wind speed 2m/s
Rated wind speed 11m/s
Blade material glass fiber
Blade color White/Red/Green for choose,other colors need to be customized
Blade quantity 3 pcs
Safe wind speed ≦45m/s
Generator type Three phase AC permanent magnet permanent magnet
Brake mode Electromagnet
Generator protection grade IP54
The wind adjustment Automatically adjust to windward
Working temperature -40℃--80℃
Noise level <50dBA
Warranty 5 years
Design life 20 years


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